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How it works

If you want to investigate the possibilities of sponsoring motorsport our representative will meet with you for an initial chat about the way to go about it.

The main things we need to consider are:

The geographical coverage you require for your brand exposure – Nationally focussed companies have very different needs to multinationals, indeed your focus may even be regional within your country.

Your business to business needs – Is this focussed on existing clients, attracting new clients, an external market or the internal structure of the motorsport industry? (remember that motorsport is a significant employer and is a multi billion pound industry in the UK alone)
Hospitality – Whether or not it’s linked to business to business.

PR needs – Generating interesting and exciting stories to guarantee you press coverage.

Internal marketing – Using the programme as an internal motivational tool and significant “team builder”

After this initial “getting to know you” meeting we can have a fairly clear idea of whether motorsport is the right thing to work with, and the type and level of programme which should suit your aims.

At this point we would compile an “audit” of your marketing needs relative to motorsport and suggest a programme for you.

If the programme is of interest we can offer a full service of negotiation through to contract, and put the facilities in place to exploit the programme.